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Dermatology Consultation


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As a primary care provider, my goal is to help my patient be the healthiest version of themselves possible. We work as a team to holistically treat their body and mind.

I believe as a team, my patient and I can do more together versus the provider solely taking control. The role of a provider involves having empathy, excellent listening skills, and insight to provide the best care to a patient. I feel as a primary care provider it is my job to ensure safe, evidenced based practice care with each patient encounter.

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Shelia Jones

Board-certified Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience practicing family medicine. As the owner and operator of Premier Choice Medical and Wellness Clinic in DeSoto, Texas, Nurse Practitioner Shelia and her professional staff operate under the precept that patients deserve competent , professional, and cost-effective healthcare options.

Nurse Shelia was born in Monroe, Louisiana, and educated here in Dallas, TX. She received a  master’s degree in Nursing Education in 2015 and a master's degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2019.   She has practiced as a nurse and served patients in Dallas for more than twenty-four years.

To enhance her knowledge, passion, and skills in her field, Nurse Shelia obtained numerous certifications, including basic life support. She’s also qualified to provide Department Of Transportation (DOT) physical exams and other types of employment physicals.

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